New Treatment for Migraine Headaches

For years we have been advocating that magnetic jewelry relieves people of pain because the magnetic field improves blood circulation brining needed oxygen to troubled areas, thus accelerating healing and reducing pain.  Now the FDA is starting to agree with our argument.  This week, (Dec 2013) the FDA approved the sale of the CTM, a magnetic device that has proven to provide pain relief of migraine headaches.  As expected, the CTM is only available from medical practitioners and is limited to a specific number of treatments.  You need to report to the medical office, or hospital for the treatment and spend thousands of dollars.  If you are lucky you have insurance to pay for this treatment and it is not likely you will be able to purchase the CTM at this time.

The Magnetic Hematite Shoppe offers a $30 necklace that will provide most people with the same benefits and you can wear it 24 hours a day when you are experiencing a migraine headache.  You don't have to wait for a Doctor's appointment or plan your headache around a doctors busy schedule.  You don't have to depend upon insurance coverage and it is affordable without breaking your budget.  If you order one today you will have it before you can get into your doctor's office.

The Magnetic Hematite Shoppe has been making magnetic jewelry for 12 years and has thousands of satisfied customers.  They do not claim that magnetic jewelry will help every one, but experience has proven that most people will notice a benefit from wearing magnetic jewelry.  The recent FDA test reported that 38% of patients using the CTM device experiences relief from migraine pain in 2 hours. Compared to 17% who were given a fake version of the device.  The CTM device zaps migraines away by using magnetic energy to stimulate the cortex, which helps to alleviate pain.

Magnetic jewelry comes in bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.  As one would expect the bracelet and anklets target pain in the limbs.  However the necklace helps the whole body.  The carotid arteries going to the brain travel under the necklace and the brain receives improved circulation brining fresh oxygen to the migraine pain.  It is also our experience that the necklace balances circulation in the whole body.  We have noticed pain reduction in feet while wearing a necklace.  Therefore we advocate the necklace as the first line of defense for the body.  To order your magnetic necklace, follow this link