Magnetic Jewelry is unique because there are no drug companies spending billions of dollars on research in order to bring a new product to market.  All we have are millions of people with testimonials about how magnetic jewelry has benefited their lives.  If you have a story to tell our readers, please take a moment to tell your experience with Magnetic Jewelry, Click Here


  • I have suffered from Type 2 diabetes for 10 years and have been lucky to keep it under control most of the time with prescription drugs, injections, and diet.  The one area I had trouble with was poor circulation in my legs and feet.  At work I stand on my feet a lot and at night I get foot cramps, abut 5 times a night, all week long.  I had difficulty getting a full nights sleep because I was fighting foot cramps.  Then we were working a gig in Laughlin NV and met a vendor making magnetic Jewelry.  Saturday morning he made me a magnetic necklace; that night was the first night I did not wake up with a foot cramp in 6 months, and in the last 4 years I can hardly remember any foot cramps.  Herb in Los Alamitos



  • A few years ago I was in a bad car accident and sprained my wrist.  My friend got me a magnetic bracelet and I wore it for about 6 weeks.  I was going through physical therapy and taking medicine so I did not have a good frame of reference if the magnetic bracelet was working. One day I was depressed because I was not healing faster and commented I did not think the bracelet was helping.  Shortly after that I lost the bracelet and in a few days time my arthritis in my had returned and I went begging for a new bracelet.  It was not until I lost the bracelet that I realized how much the magnetic bracelet was helping my arthritis.  Now I wear it religiously.  Cindy in Los Alamitos

  • My hands have been crippled with sevier arthritis to the point I can not write a note with a pen or pencil and I have learned to live with it for years.  Then a few months after my husband of 40 years passed, I was at the Elks Lodge and some one was selling magnetic jewelry.  I saw this small pearlized bracelet for $15 and thought I would give it a try.  It was a miracle, better than any medicine I have ever taken for arthritis.  I now have the flexibility in my hands to write for the first time in 5 years.    Terrie in Long Beach



  •  I have suffered from fibromyalgia since long before they recognized it as a disease in the 1990s.  A few years back a friend gave me a magnetic bracelet and, with reservations, I wore it to see if it helped me.  I was not thinking about my fibromyalgia when I started wearing it, I was just looking for a reason to discredit magnet jewelry.  To my surprise I started feeling better within a day or two.  My fibromyalgia pain is reduced to the point I can enjoy my 5 new grand children, all under the age of 3.  This granny is enjoying life once again. Cathy in Needles


  • My ranch in Oklahoma is my life and I spend hours riding horses.  Years ago I was thrown off and have suffered from sciatic nerve pain for a long time.  One of my ranch hands gave me a couple of magnetic eggs to carry in my pockets.  I did not want to offend him and I was willing to try anything that was not a prescribed pain killer.  To my surprise, after a couple hours I could notice a difference in the pain.  It was better than taking aspirin.


  • While traveling in our RV, we spent some time in Dallas and went to the Montgomery County Fair & Rodeo. I am not used to walking great distances and after the fair my feet were killing me.  My wife had purchased a magnetic anklet for herself at the fair and while I was laying on the bed complaining about my feet, she placed the anklet on my right foot.  I rested for a few minutes and after just 15 minutes the pain in my right foot was significantly reduced while my left foot was still throbbing.  I almost cried when she suggested I give it back.  You can imagine what we did the next day. Tex from Arkansas

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