How To Make Magnetic Wraps
By Herb Halling

Magnetic wraps are the latest fad in magnetic jewelry.  They are fun to make and inexpensive enough that you can buy Chinese imports for less than $10, buy better quality domestic wraps for about $25 to $40, or make your own for somewhere in between the two price extremes.  Making magnetic wraps are common class projects for groups of young girls that will keep them busy for hours.

The only tools you need are a pair of sharp scissors and cigarette lighter.

Magnetic faceted beads
Decorative colored beads
35lb Monofilament fishing line
The image on the left is a typical magnetic wrap with groups of black magnetic faceted beads and additional beads that add the color theme. The materials needed are some special faceted magnetic beads, an assortment of inexpensive non-magnetic decorative beads and some 30 lb to 60 lb monofilament fishing line.  The special magnetic beads required are 5x8 MM Faceted magnetic beads with a magnetic field attracting the beads side by side rather than in line with the hole.  The image to the right is strung on a line to keep them in line.  These faceted beads are usually sold on strings that are 16 inches long and contains about 40 beads.  They come in black or epoxy colored beads, and are available at the Magnetic Hematite Shoppe.  The decorative beads are available at many bead shops or Michaels if you have one in your area.  A place to buy them online is Fire Mountain Gems and they have a wonderful free catalog.  The fishing line should be available online at Triple Fish.  The line usually found at Wal-Mart is too light weight and the wraps will break easily. A good assortment of magnetic wraps can be viewed here.

The first step in making a magnetic wrap is to cut a length of fishing line about 40 inches long and then burn the end so a ball forms and keeps the beads from falling off.  The first or second bead to string should be a 5x8 MM faceted bead then string the decorative beads in an attractive pattern about 1 1/4 inches long. Next string another faceted bead and repeat the same pattern of decorative beads.  Continue this sequence until your magnetic wrap is about 32 inches long. The final bead should be a faceted bead just like the first bead.

Finishing the magnetic wraps requires some special handling.  You need to determine how long the fishing line needs to be.  If it is too short the string will be too stiff and not coil properly around your wrist.  If it is too long, you will have an ugly tail hanging off the bracelet. You need extra length in the line so when it is coiled, there is enough line to keep the magnetic wrap flexible.  I usually coil the wrap in a circle about 3 inches in diameter. The final bead on the wrap should be a 5x8 MM faceted magnetic bead and when coiled, trim the fishing line about 3/8 of an inch longer than needed.  When the fishing line is burnt with a cigarette lighter a new ball will form and the length of the fishing line should be adequate to meet all your needs.

The final gratification comes when you wrap the string around your wrist so that the magnetic beads align side by side.  You can also wrap the line around your anklet for an attractive anklet.  Or you can wrap the string around your neck to form a choker.  There are other techniques for forming attractive necklaces.  You can put both ends together and form a Bolin. or you can use your imagination for an attractive necklace design.



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